Exhibition @ Broadway Gallery

If you are around NYC October 1st - 15th my work will be shown in a group show called, Derived, Borrowed, and Stolen, Curated by Basak Malone and Sara Wight, at the Broadway, 473 Broadway, 7th Floor.

Featuring: Sarah Sharpe, Katie St Claire, Parsley Steinweiss, Sara Wight and Jordan Tate

Opening Reception Thursday October 1st 6-8pm

Derived, Borrowed, and Stolen brings together artists whose work addresses the nature of originality and its complicated relationship with the visual arts. The central theme and title is inspired by the well-known quote, “talent borrows, genius steals,” which is said by some to have come from none other than Picasso (rumor has it that it might also have been Morrissey’s, of the rock band Smiths, or even Oscar Wilde’s). The uncertainty surrounding the origins of the quote is ironically apt. Linked by this common thread, the works in this show raise questions about what constitutes creativity in today’s world, one in which the Internet has rendered copying and plagiarizing in the visual arts easier and more socially acceptable. Over a plethora of visual styles, these innovative artists find new ways to pay homage to their artistic inspirations while producing wildly inventive pieces. The viewer sifts through the rich layers and discovers, through the eyes of the artist, the difference between simple pastiche and ingenious reinterpretation.

For more info: http://www.broadwaygallerynyc.com/2009/04/derived-borrowed-and-stolen/